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Printable Copy of Foster Agreements

Foster Care:  You will provide foster care in your home at the address listed on this agreement. Your foster care will be comprised of the following, as applicable to the type of pet you are fostering: 

  • Provide daily wholesome food and water
  • Provide clean, grassy area for elimination
  • Provide outdoor exercise
  • Provide warm, safe place inside your home
  • Provide litter box and clean litter
  • Administer necessary medication & monthly application of heartworm & flea & tick control
  • Provide transport to veterinarian appointments
  • Provide socialization and play time

Veterinary Care: Fosters should use Village Veterinary Clinic or PPAW Veterinary Clinic for all foster pets. Procedure for any care will be as follows: 

  • Call you assigned Foster Team Leader, you will be notified upon recieving your first foster who your team leader is.
  • Communicate the nature of the veterinarian visit needed
  • Foster Care Coordinator will make arrangements at the proper clinic, you will be notified by your Team Leader.
  • You will transport foster to appointment or make arrangements for transport
  • All veterinary expenses will be paid by B.C.H.S. if prior authorization is obtained
  • All vet receipts will be given to your Team Leader within one week of veterinary appointment.

Veterinary Records: You will maintain a copy of your foster pet’s veterinary records and provide a copy for the BCHS adoption file.

Expenses: You are responsible for providing the following unless other arrangements have been made: 

  • Dog / cat food or formula (for puppies / kittens)
  • Dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • Towels and blankets
  • Crates Toys

PetSmart / Adoption Events: You will attend at least two adoption events a month or make arrangements with your Team Leader. You will attend special adoptions events or make arrangements with your Team Leader.

No Liability: You are not liable to B.C.H.S. for any injuries to, illness, or disappearance of the foster pets arising out of normal foster care, except if such injuries or disappearance are caused by or arise out of your gross negligence or intentional misconduct. B.C.H.S. is not liable to you for any bodily injury, property damage, or loss whatsoever to you, other persons, your pets, or other person’s pets, caused by the actions, behavior or health of the foster animals in your care, except if such injury, damage, or loss are caused by gross negligence or intentional misconduct by B.C.H.S.

Returning Fosters:
You agree to contact your Team Leader in the event you are no longer able or willing to provide foster care for your foster pet. You will continue to provide care for a reasonable period of time until BCHS is able to make arrangements for a new foster.


Printable Copy of Foster Agreements


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