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Dedicated to Helping All God’s Creatures!

The Blount County Humane Society is a Grass Roots Citizen Based 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization made up of caring and loving people that are “Dedicated to Helping All God’s Creatures”. Most people think of a Humane Society as an organization that helps only dogs and cats. Of course that is one of our main goals because all of our members are crazy about dogs and cats. However when you have a passion to help animals you can’t stop with just helping these two of mans best friends. If you have a passion to help animals you want to help ALL animals whenever and wherever you can. This is why we have such big and wonderful plans for our organization. I hope you will have the vision to see and become a part of our dreams to provide a better place for ALL animals in Blount County.  

 Our initial goals are to hopefully have some kind soul donate land four our future Humane Society home. We will then build a No Kill Shelter and Spay/Neuter Clinic to provide TRUE shelter and care for man’s furry best friends where they will not have to worry about running out of time and wonder what tomorrow holds. Will their life end or will they have a second chance at life and love to know the depth of the human and animal bond. The truth is that the tragedy that thousands of dogs and cats and even puppy’s and kittens face everyday could be solved with a change in human behavior. We can accomplish this mission by providing progressive and innovative Spay/Neuter programs that reaches out to animals as well as the people that care for them living in our community. Many times they don’t have access to the Veterinary care they need due to limited household incomes or in too many cases no one to care for them at all they roam our streets lonely and afraid. Our Spay/Neuter Team will go into these communities and provide a ray of hope for Critters as well as their people. You can’t separate the animal tragedy we are talking about from the human element. All roads lead back to human neglect, cruelty or ignorance. Many people just need a helping hand or to hear how their animals want and need to be cared for and many times they will embrace this message if given in a non condemning way wrapped in kind and understanding words.  

 Our second phase plans include facilities to care for large animals that need our help such as horses, goats, cows and pigs and any others we may have forgotten. Many people have exotic farm animals such as Llamas, Miniature Horses and prize show Roosters of all breeds and colors. Our facilities will not discriminate based on race, sex or SPECIES. These segments of the animal community are often overlooked by society because they live on a farm which makes us doubly committed to making sure they receive the attention and care they deserve. For example Tennessee has the second largest population of horses in America. Even though most people provide excellent care for their horses unfortunately more and more people find they are ill prepared and educated to care for these noble creatures. Farm type animals need our help as much as dogs and cats and deserve a cruelty free life just like the more common animals we call pets. There is a level of care that is expected and required for these animals and we want to ensure they get the care they deserve and when they need a safe place to recover from their abuse we will be there to help.  

Our third and final phase will be to build a Native Wildlife Rehabilitation Center along with a Wildlife Conservation Park which will be used for all important educational and inspirational purposes. People seeing wildlife up close where they can be inspired by their presence and fall in love with their wild spirit will want to help preserve them and their habitat for generations to come.

 This amazing journey is one we can’t make alone. If you are a person whose heart beats to help animals then you have found a place to call home. We have people in our organization who are dedicated to helping dogs and cats and others who are enthusiastic about working with and helping the noble horse and still others who love to help the cute and playful domestic rabbit. No matter what animal you love you can find a place to make a difference for animals in our Humane Society family. We need YOU to complete our story and in turn you can begin to tell the story to others who will be inspired to join our team, to be a member of our pack and to help us care for All God’s Creatures.



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